Dark Sky update includes saved locations and a unified timeline

It also adds new visuals and a precipitation map to the rain forecast.

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Dark Sky
Dark Sky

The Dark Sky weather app got a major update today, which includes new visuals and additional features. First up is the timeline. Rather than having different aspects of the forecast spread out across multiple tabs, everything is now included in a single, unified timeline. Just scroll down to see current conditions, the next hour rain forecast, the next 24 hours and the following week's forecasts. Additionally, weather conditions for the day like temperature, precipitation, wind and UV index are visualized more descriptively with circles denoting each hour's condition fanning out left to right in order to show changing intensity.

The next-hour rain forecast also got a tweak with the addition of a precipitation map. Further, to see detailed forecasts for any upcoming day, just tap the day in the "Next 7 Days" section. Dark Sky has also introduced a Time Machine feature that will let you see past weather as well as seasonal averages for days beyond the next week.

Users can also now save multiple locations -- a feature that was in high demand. You just need to swipe the forecast left or right to check up on your various saved cities. Users can manage their saved locations from the search screen, which will also now list interesting storms around the country "in case your weather happens to be too bland," as Dark Sky puts it. Notifications got an upgrade too and you can now create custom notifications to make sure you're up to date on whatever weather conditions matter to you the most.

Dark Sky notes that changes aren't limited to tweaked visuals and new features. It says for the iOS version, the company basically created an entirely new app, and the upgrade should be more stable and responsive and should load more quickly.

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