Weird Al's first journey into VR is a short called 'Shady Friend'

It’s being developed for Positron’s Voyager VR chair.

Weird Al is set to make his VR debut, Variety reports, starring alongside Nick Rutherford (Dream Corp LLC), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) and former SNL writer Nick Kocher in a short film called Shady Friend. The short centers on a heartbroken man who ends up taking some psychedelic drugs his shady friend brings over. It's the first VR film to be developed exclusively for the Positron Voyager VR motion chair, according to Variety, and it will feature motion, scents and haptic elements.

Shady Friend will be directed by Andrew Disney and was written by Disney and Bradley Jackson. Both were involved with the web series Crunch Time. "What I love most about the Voyager platform is that it allows filmmakers to curate VR experiences in a cinematic way," Disney said in a statement. "Positron has created quite an amazing tool for immersive storytelling."

Positron demonstrated the Voyager at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW last year. Sundance attendees were also able to view an episode of Felix & Paul's Space Explorers documentary in Voyager chairs earlier this year.