You'll have to pay $50 more for Samsung's LTE Galaxy Watch

T-Mobile is the first carrier to reveal pricing for the smartwatch.

Samsung just outlined how much it will cost you to get an LTE version of the Galaxy Watch and leave your phone at home. The company's product pages show that you'll be paying a $50 premium for the T-Mobile-oriented cellular version arriving at launch, starting at $380 for the 42mm model and climbing to $400 for the chunky 46mm edition. For context, the LTE-equipped Apple Watch Series starts at $400 for a 38mm model and $430 for 42mm wristwear.

You can't just pick a carrier, however. Where Apple's device supports cellular access with four major US carriers, the non-T-Mobile options are only due to arrive sometime in the second half of 2018. If the pricing holds, though, you might not have to pay too dearly just to answer calls and stream music entirely from your wrist.