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BMW unveils the tech-filled, aggressive-looking Z4 Roadster

Top-down fun with loads of BMW tech.

BMW unveiled the new BMW Z4 Roadster at Pebble Beach, California this morning with a more aggressive design that takes cues from the 8 Series. Concepts of both cars were shown off last year at Pebble Beach which leads us to believe that BMW really likes to show off roadsters on golf courses.

"Last year we promised concepts, this year we're delivering production vehicles," Bernhard Kuhnt, President & CEO BMW of North America said during the event.

Like last year's concept Z4, the production vehicle is larger than the previous generation Z4 and continues the automaker's penchant for sharper, more aggressive lines.

The Z4 will be outfitted with all the latest iDrive infotainment features, dual displays and the new BMW Driving Assistant Professional. The new semi-autonomous suite will include the new Traffic Jam Assist that'll be found on the upcoming X5. When activated the new features include hands-free driving for 30 seconds when traveling under 11 miles per hour and seven seconds at higher speeds, It'll also have automatic lane changes when the turn signal is engaged.

It will not have gesture support. Probably because the brightness of the sun would make it almost impossible to control.

The vehicle shown off at Pebble Beach was the higher end M40i version which will do zero to 60 in an estimated 4.4 seconds. It'll be available in the second quarter of 2019. A Z4 30i with a smaller power plant will be available in the spring of 2019.

No word on price, but BMW says it'll share all the information about the Z4 on September 18.