LG adds an exoskeleton to its line of CLOi robots

It's not a wearable robot, though.

Today, LG announced that it will reveal its first robotic exoskeleton at IFA 2018, which takes place in Berlin from August 31st to September 5th. The exoskeleton, called LG CLOi SuitBot, is designed to support a user's legs to allow for more limb strength

This robot differs from the others that LG has announced because it is a robotic exoskeleton that you can wear, not a robot. It features rotating joints and sandal-type shoes with automatic adjustments, which help users enter and exit the exoskeleton more easily. It's designed to be a comfortable fit and provide natural enhancement while walking, standing and working. It can give people who lift heavy objects or operate heavy tools a boost.

The CLOi SuitBot can also connect to LG's service robots to become part of a "smart working network," according to the release. They can work together to deliver information and transport tools at a factory or job site. These robots also have the capacity to learn on the job and analyze biometric and environment data to optimize power consumption.