Magic Leap's first developer conference is coming to LA in October

Calling all AR devs.

Now that Magic Leap's AR headset is actually shipping, and the company is finally opening up to the world, it's ready to start recruiting more software help. And that means it's time for a developer conference. The company is planning to host the event in Los Angeles on October 9th and 10th, chief content officer Rio Caraeff said in an interview with Engadget. You can expect to see a live-streamed keynote, more partnership announcements and plenty of demos on stage.

Magic Leap plans to discuss everything they've done so far, "from the optics all the way through to our application runtime environment, all the way through to all of the input methods," he said. And of course, it's also a chance for Magic Leap to shine a light on what its current develop partners have done. "So it's not about holding the light, it's about sharing that light, and letting that run across a field of thousands of blooming flowers."

In particular, the company plans to focus on its work with Unity and Epic, who provide the underlying architecture for AR experiences. Caraeff says there are currently over 30 sessions planned across a variety of topics, like creativity, engineering and design. Those include things like optimizing CPU and GPU resources; how a sound designer implement spatial audio; or how an Oscar-winning artist created a volumetric cinematography experience. The company plans to kick off registration for the developer conference soon.