Google's Home Max premium speaker launches in the UK

It will set you back £399.

Google's most expensive speaker option is finally available in the UK. It's certainly taking the tech giant some time to release Home Max in markets outside North America, but it's at least making its way to more places around the globe -- it also arrived in Australia a few weeks ago. Mountain View created Home Max to be 20 times more powerful than the ordinary Home speaker, so it can fill even large rooms with high-fidelity sound and a deep, balanced bass thanks to its 4.5­-inch high-­excursion woofers.

It also features Google's new AI-powered technology called "Smart Sound," which allows sounds to adapt to the speaker's environment. Just place the device wherever you want, and it'll tune itself to deliver the best sound possible. You can also access Google Assistant using Home Max, of course, though if that's all you want to do, the company's cheaper speakers are probably good enough. Home Max is now available from the Google Store and from John Lewis stores (exclusively) for £399.