Twitter will also label issue ads under its new advertising policy

They'll be archived and available to see online.

Back in May, Twitter laid out its upcoming policies to improve transparency for election-related ads aimed at US citizens leading up to the midterms this fall. In addition to rules dictating how advertisers must present themselves on the platform, the social network is requiring them to certify their identity and prove that they live in America. While news organizations can petition Twitter to be exempt from these restrictions, everyone else who wants to advertise election-related material -- including, now, on hot-button issues -- must be certified by the social network by September 30th or their advertisements won't go up.

Twitter's policy previously affected ads about candidates, but it's been expanded to add "legislative issues of national importance," according to a blog post. Those include abortion, climate change, guns, immigration, healthcare and more, and the list may change over time. Once advertisers get certified, any advertisements about the above topics will be labeled as issue ads and added to Twitter's archive in its Transparency Center. Promoted tweets will have to disclose the name of the organization that paid for the ad.