Get a fridge that helps you sous vide

Or just don't bother at all.

Mat Smith, Engadget

Sharp's newest fridge freezer doesn't have a water fountain or a voice assistant. Instead it houses a vacuum-packing slot that will help keep produce fresh for longer, reduce food waste (leftovers!) and, yes, even prep food for that millennial cooking style of choice -- sous vide. The VacPac Pro fridge-freezer had its debut at IFA 2018, and doesn't require proprietary bags. You can use any sealer bag, and the slot will suck out the air at the touch of a button -- which we proceeded to do on some plastic fruit.

The company believes the method can extend the longevity of meat and dairy by up to eight times, and a spokesperson confirmed that the sealed bags are ideal for sous vide-style preparation, ensuring perfect edge-to-edge cooking, retaining the juices, nutrients and other good things. There's also a fast-chill function for wine and some other tepid fridge specs that you can read all about on Sharp's website. The sad news is that it's currently only bound for the UK and other European countries, and there's no price yet. Still, the sous vide dream lives on... if you have space for a new fridge.

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