You can now buy Brilliant's light switch smart home hubs

Streamline all your smart devices with one plug-in system.

Brilliant debuted its smart home control system at CES back in January, and now it's finally available to buy. Unlike other smart home products, Brilliant's works by plugging directly into your home's existing light switch ports, and from there controls a range of devices, including lights, music, Alexa, thermostats and video entry systems. Just connect your gear over WiFi, and use the device's touch screen or voice commands to do your thing. It also comes with Android and iOS apps for remote control, so you can manage your home when you're not in it.

Brilliant is compatible with most major smart home devices, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos, Nest, Ecobee, Ring, Phillips Hue and Wemo lights, with more being added all the time. It comes with a lot of helpful features (custom settings, personalised displays and so on) but its real appeal lies in its ability to streamline the smart home eco system, which can be complicated when you've got a lot of separate devices on the go, and its ridiculously simple installation process makes things even easier. The device starts at $300, comes in six colours and is available now from Brilliant's website.