’Overwatch’ is part of October’s $12 Humble Bundle

You'll get over $100 of games for just $12.

If you haven't heard of Humble Bundle, it's a service that offers discounted games and ebooks for charity. You purchase a pre-selected bundle that offers a very good value, and part of your money goes to charity. It's pretty simple and offers a win-win situation: You get the games you want at a low price, and you get to feel good while doing it. Now, Humble Bundle has announced that its October 2018 Humble Monthly will feature Overwatch.

The rest of the games in the monthly bundle will unlock on October 5th, but purchasers can begin playing Overwatch immediately. Additionally, those who stay subscribed to November and December's bundles will receive bonus loot boxes.

The monthly bundles cost $12 for $100 worth of games, so these bundles are always a good deal. But including a popular game like Overwatch is sure to make October's bundle, which supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation, widely purchased.