Facebook Lite adds Community Help crisis response tool

The feature helps users connect after a disaster.

Facebook announced today that it's bringing its Community Help tool to Facebook Lite. The feature, which evolved out of Safety Check, helps users connect in the event of a crisis, allowing them to share updates, communicate with others and find or provide help. Now the tool will be available on Facebook Lite in more than 100 countries, giving more Facebook users access to information on essential needs such as where to find food, shelter or transportation after a disaster. "Our priority is to build tools that provide people with ways to get the help they need to recover and rebuild after a crisis," Facebook Crisis Response Product Manager Jeong-Suh Choi said in a statement. "By making Community Help available on Facebook Lite, event more people can get the help they need in times of crisis."

Facebook Lite allows individuals with limited internet, slower networks or lower-end devices to access Facebook. It uses less data and loads quickly while still offering many of the core features that Facebook users want. Facebook added Safety Check to Lite earlier this year.