Plantronics' updated headphone lineup includes true wireless earbuds

You'll also find Backbeat Fit noise cancelling buds for $130.

Plantronics has lately made a point of delivering solid wireless audio for relatively little cost, and that's particularly evident this year. It's releasing a refreshed headphone lineup that sees it both push into uncharted territory and lower prices. The centerpiece for the fitness crowd is the BackBeat Fit 3100 you see above. It promises true wireless listening with ear hooks that should keep the earbuds in place during a workout, with audio awareness that could keep you safe during an outdoor run. It's available now for $150.

You'll also have more options if you're more interested in shutting out noise than sweating up a storm. The BackBeat Go 810 is a higher-end over-ear set that offers 20 hours of listening for $150, while the Go 410 in-ears (below) tout 12 hours of audio and active noise cancellation for $130. You can also expect modestly updated behind-the-neck earbuds in the $80 Fit 350 and $100 Fit 2100.

Gamers, meanwhile, have the choice of three headsets. The starter Rig 300 caters to PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox newcomers for $40, while the Rig 400 Pro HC gives PS4 and Xbox One players cushioning and on-headphone audio adjustments for $60. Spring for the Rig 500 series and you'll get higher-quality audio and a comfier "exoskeleton" design at prices ranging from $80 for an Xbox One-oriented Pro HX model to $150 for a Pro Esports Edition.