OKCupid users can choose a pronoun to display in their profile

It’s only available to non-binary and LGBTQ users.

Online dating service OkCupid now allows its non-binary and LGBT users to choose their pronoun. Once they've selected their gender(s) from their profile, they can either select from a trio of options (she/her, he/him and they/them) or type in their chosen pronoun. Once entered, it will show up in the 'details' section alongside gender and sexual orientation for others to publicly see.

This follows Grindr's move last November allowing folks pick their pronouns to better include the app's transgender users. OkCupid added pronouns to help LGBTQ daters, per the company's blog post, to affirm those who want to share it with potential partners. The feature was first created during a hack week earlier in the year by OkCupid product designer Rowan Rosenthal, who uses they/them pronouns, according to The Verge. Their akward first date experiences when their date referred to them as "she" weren't comfortable, but since there wasn't space in OkCupid to preempt them, they could hardly fault the dates. Including the choice for pronouns at signup, too, is affirming.