Comcast's X1 set-top box helps you buy concert tickets

You'll still need your phone to clinch the deal, though.

Comcast isn't stopping at offering movie tickets through the X1. It's using Ticketmaster's platform to sell Kelly Clarkson tickets with the help of its set-top box. Say "Kelly Clarkson Tour" to the remote and you'll go to a promo screen that will show you nearby concert dates and start the ticket purchasing process if you just have to see a show. Unfortunately, you can't complete the purchase on your TV -- you'll instead receive a text code on your phone that you use to finish the process. Still, it might be easier to browse on the big screen if you've already been curled up on the couch.

The real advantage may be when you can get tickets. Xfinity subscribers get access to a presale window for Clarkson's tour between September 18th and September 23rd, including through the Xfinity website. Whether or not you're inclined to start a ticket purchase through your TV, this may be the fastest way to score seats before general admission opens. Don't be surprised if Comcast uses concert tickets as a lure on a regular basis going forward.