Firefox brings the thrills of web browsing to VR

Firefox Reality is designed from the start for headset browsing.

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Mozilla's headset-focused web browser is finally ready for your cranium: Firefox Reality is available for HTC Vive, Oculus and Daydream devices through their respective stores. The software is designed from the start for AR and VR hardware, with an interface that revolves around pointer control and voice search. There's a virtual keyboard if you need it, but let's face it -- you'd probably go back to a regular screen if you wanted to type more than once in a blue Moon. And yes, Mozilla knows the flat web isn't so exciting in a headset. The home screen provides fast access to 3D content like Sketchfab models, so you won't be hurting for something to take advantage of AR and VR technology.

FR is still using the same Quantum engine that you'll find in regular Firefox releases, and privacy remains a focus.

You might not want to do all your browsing from a headset, though. Some mainstay features are still absent in this initial release, including bookmarks and even support for 360-degree videos. This is more for the occasional browsing session rather than something you'd use full time. The 1.1 update is "right around the corner," however, and Mozilla vows that there's plenty more to come, including support for the above features and Firefox accounts. Look at it this way: when you usually have to make do with the default browser for a given headset's platform (however good it may be), just having a choice of major browsers is a big deal.

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