Sega's Mega Drive Mini won't arrive until 2019

The delayed console will be fittingly dubbed the Sega Genesis in the US.

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Saqib Shah
September 19th, 2018

The retro console craze kicked off by Nintendo's NES and SNES classic systems, with Sony's miniature PS1 inbound, has proven bountiful for nostalgic gamers keen to relive their 8- to 32-bit glory days. But Sega's plans to join the rose-tinted celebrations with its own Mega Drive Mini has hit a speed bump. Slated for release in Japan this year, the iconic console is now being delayed until 2019, the company announced on Twitter.

Sega says the lag will allow it to review the console's design and hardware. It's also planning region-specific units: the US will get the Sega Genesis, while Europe and Japan will get the Sega Mega Drive. But there's still no word on what games will come pre-loaded on the dinky device.

In the meantime, you can scratch that retro itch with the NeoGeo Mini (which just debuted in the US and Europe) or demand a PlayStation Classic come Xmas. Nintendo Switch owners can also get those old-school Sega feels by grabbing the Mega Drive Classics compilation later this year.

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