Amazon's Echo Link is its answer to high-end audio

The Echo for audiophiles.

While the Echo Dot's ability to plug into existing speakers is nice, it's not something fans of high-end audio would hook up to their home theatre. If you're the type of person that scoffs at the tiny sound coming out of the company's voice-powered speakers, Amazon is hoping to win over those audiophiles with two new devices: The Echo Link Amp and Echo Link.

The Echo Link Amp and its minimalist black box with a single volume control will start shipping early next year for $299. It will ship with a built-in 60W two-channel amplifier with digital and analog inputs and outputs. It has enough input options to plug into any high-end system if you want to augment your vinyl collection with streaming music.

The Echo Link -- while not an amplifier -- is made to connect to an existing high-end stereo system via the amplifier or power speakers and deliver quality audio. It'll ship later this year for $199. This option lets you keep your glowing tubes or 1970's solid state amp while still being able to jam to the library of music available to Amazon Prime members.

What's interesting is that neither of these devices will have microphones. Instead, they'll be controlled by other Alexa components or the Alexa app. Amazon has clearly set its sights on the Sonos market and considering how they dominate the smart speaker world, these Links might start showing up next to vacuum-tube filled home theatres.

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