Amazon's smart plugs put Alexa in every power socket

Control whatever's plugged into this socket with Alexa.

As if having access to Alexa on your phone and in your speakers or even car weren't enough, Amazon now has a way to put its digital assistant in literally every room of your house. At its press conference in Seattle on Thursday, Amazon unveiled its latest connected home product, Smart Plugs. These devices don't technically have Alexa on-board, but you can control them with Alexa through Echo speakers or your smartphone.

These devices work in much the same way as other smart power supplies, enabling users to activate the appliances connected to them remotely, either through the Alexa App or via voice control, as well as set and set on/off timers. What's more, since the Smart Plugs operate entirely through the Alexa App, you won't have to connect yet another hub to your beleaguered router.

The Smart Plugs are available for pre-order today and cost $24.99; Amazon says it'll ship next month.

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