Giphy's GIFs are sliding into Instagram DMs

Because there are times when words aren't enough.

Instagram and Giphy are teaming up yet again after their original partnership was marred by a racist GIF that slipped through the cracks. After bringing GIFs to Stories earlier this year, Instagram is now giving you access to Giphy's collection from within the main app's Direct Messages and the standalone Direct app. The Facebook-owned platform has added a new GIF button in the compose bar, and you simply need tap on it to load all of Giphy's trending GIFs. You can either surprise your friend and yourself by tapping on the "random" button or look for something specific by using keywords and phrases.

The feature is now available for both Android and iOS, so long as you update your app. If you have an iOS device, you'll see attribution for GIFs created by verified partners and artists -- to see more from the genius behind that particular GIF, just long-press on it and select "More from Creator." The feature will also be available on Android devices starting on the 24th.