Tap's wearable keyboard makes typing in VR applications a breeze

No more clunky pointing and clicking to type out a message.

To date, the VR experience has largely centered around games and entertainment -- doing any actual work, such as typing up a document or sending an email, has been a slow and cumbersome process due to clunky point-and-click virtual keyboards. Now, a company behind a wearable keyboard, mouse and controller has demonstrated that its kit can be used with Microsoft's virtual desktop environment, making it easier, quicker and more intuitive to get stuff down within a VR realm.

Tap Systems' wearable sits at the base of your fingers and detects finger taps as input. Connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device and you can compose text, point, click and scroll using just about any available surface – you don't need to aim for specific keys. The demo video -- while pretty lackluster -- shows how the device makes communication a lot more instinctive, and how it'll likely set a precedent for this kind of integrated VR tech going forward. The device is also compatible with virtual desktop applications running on the Oculus Rift and HTC Live, and can be purchased at Tap's official site for $180 -- not a bad price to feel like you're in an actual sci-fi movie.