Casio's see-through G-Shock watches are an icy blast of nostalgia

The Glacier Gold models could make that '90s look cool again.

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Casio's G-Shock watch line is enjoying a bit of a renaissance on its 35th anniversary (you can even get a full metal model if you like), and the company is making the most of it with some particularly eye-catching wristwear. It just introduced a Glacier Gold collection of G-Shocks that are virtually guaranteed to stand out while scratching that nostalgic itch. Each model has a semi-transparent resin casing and band, with a gold-colored watch sitting at their heart, recreating both the look of classic G-Shock models and the clear style of 1996's stand-out DW-6900K.

As you might imagine, the designs will cost decidedly more than they did in G-Shock's early days. If you want to go for the purest retro look, the squarish DW-5035E (based on 1983's DW-5000) and slightly more circular DW-5735E (derived from 1985's DW-5400) will feature prominent all-digital faces when they go on sale in October for $220. If you're willing to go for a mix of digital and analog timekeeping in much more recent designs, the GA735E and GA835E will sell for $160.

That's a lot to pay when you can get full-fledged smartwatches for less, but raw functionality really isn't the goal here. This is about a dash of style that just happens to have a digital flair -- it's for the watch connoisseur who remembers the days when a liquid crystal display was still a novelty.

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