macOS Mojave is now available for download

The operating system features new apps and a light and dark mode.

If you've been waiting (im)patiently for MacOS 10.14, better known as Mojave, then this is your day. You can now download and install the new operating system on your compatible Mac system.

Mojave includes many features that Mac users have been eagerly anticipating for awhile now. These include swappable light and dark modes, which will be a native feature of Apple's first-party apps, as well as a brand-new architecture for file sorting called Stacks. This will reportedly make it easier to group project files.

Apple is also bringing popular iOS apps to the desktop, thanks to Mojave. With this new update, you'll be able to use Voice Memos, Apple News, Stocks and Home on your computer. Finder also sports a few new features, such as Gallery Mode for viewing and scrubbing images and the ability to mark up documents straight from the Quick Look feature.

If you're ready to take the Mojave plunge, you can upgrade directly from the Mac App Store. Just remember to back up your computer before you hit "Install"!