Amazon's new retail store only stocks items rated 4 stars and up

The shop opens in New York City on September 27th.

Amazon isn't limiting its New York City retail openings to its checkout-free Go store. It's launching Amazon 4-star, a shop devoted solely to products in popular categories that are either rated four stars or higher, top sellers or "new and trending" on the Amazon website. You'll also see sections inside the store that focus on recommendations you usually see at the online store, including Most-Wished For, Frequently Bought Together and (of course) Amazon Exclusives. E-paper price tags will show you both the regular and discounted Prime pricing, and you'll even see cards that quote online reviews.

The store is in the SoHo neighborhood on Spring Street between Crosby and Lafayette. It debuts on September 27th, and will be open between 10AM and 9PM on every day except for Sunday (11AM to 8PM).

Like Go stores, this is really an experiment in retail. Will people go to a store whose catalog is an ever-evolving microcosm of what you see in Amazon's online portal? It's a tough call. While the products will certainly be recognizable, it's not clear how reliable the inventory will be. It's not certain how well internet trends will translate to a physical shop, either. You might have to wait a while to learn whether or not this is a clever shake-up of retail conventions.