Facebook test lets users add songs to photos and videos

The feature will be available for Stories and News Feed posts.

Starting next week, some Facebook users will see the option to add songs to their photo and video posts. The social network first mentioned that it's working on a feature that will allow you to add an appropriate soundtrack to your media posts when it announced Lip Sync Live. That time, though, the option was supposed to be exclusive to Stories -- the platform has decided to expand its scope and will now test the feature on both Stories and News Feed.

Here's how it will work: upload a photo/video or take one via the Facebook Camera, tap on the sticker icon and choose the music sticker to conjure the list of songs you can choose from. After you've chosen what track to use, Facebook will load the song, giving you a way to choose which portion of the tune to use. Your friends will then see the title of the song and its artist in a sticker on your post.

"Adding music to your Stories goes beyond sharing what you're listening to -- it adds context and lets you creatively express yourself. We're now starting to test music on Facebook Stories and News Feed," Maya Patterson, Facebook Stories Product Designer, said in a statement to Engadget.

The social network teamed up with the music industry to make Lip Sync Live and the ability to add music to 360-degree videos possible -- this shows that Facebook plans to make good use of that partnership and to expand its music-related offerings. It'll only be available to a small number of users for now, but since Facebook is testing the feature globally, you'll have a chance of getting it early even if you're not in the US.