Facebook's Marketplace adds AI help for buyers and sellers

It can give you price suggestions and auto-categorize items.

Facebook has rolled out new AI features for the Marketplace to celebrate its Craigslist-rival's second birthday. If you upload a photo of an item you want to sell, you'll notice that its interface will now automatically choose a category for you and even give you price range suggestions. That's because the AI can now recognize if what you're selling belongs under "furniture" or any other category based on the photo you took. Also, it can now compare your item against other similar listings to give you an idea of how much other people are asking for theirs.

If you only use Marketplace to find things to buy, try taking photos of real-world items you like next time. Facebook's new AI feature for buyers can now recommend listings based on a picture you upload. In the future, you'll be able to upload a photo of a space, like your living room, and the AI can surface listings of furniture to buy based on its layout and size. For now, though, you can use it to find specific items, say a replacement for an old pair of headphones you love or a chair of a certain size and design.

In addition to the new AI features, Facebook has introduced buyer and seller ratings, allowing people to give others a heads-up whether they had a bad or a good experience with a particular user. The platform has also introduced more robust reporting tools you can use to report listings, buyers and sellers from within its app.