AMC's MoviePass competitor has 400,000 subscribers after 14 weeks

The company's one-year goal was 500,000 subscribers.

We've heard a lot about MoviePass and its competitors recently, one of which is AMC's A-List service. This week, the movie theater chain announced that it has passed over 400,000 subscribers. According to a release, that means the company has achieved 80 percent of its one-year membership goal of 500,000 members in just 14 weeks.

A-List allows moviegoers to see three movies per week for $19.95. You can see any combination of three movies per week, even if you're watching the same movie three times in one day. Unlike MoviePass, you can buy tickets days or weeks in advance using the AMC website or mobile app.

It took awhile for AMC to come up with a MoviePass competitor, but all signs seem to indicate that the service is a success. MoviePass, which has scaled back from allowing customers to watch one movie per day to three movies per month, is still chugging along, though. The company apparently has a new source of funding that will keep it afloat as it looks to diversify its sources of income.