Moby is selling his vintage drum machine collection for charity

Around 200 analog and digital drum machines will be up for grabs.

Moby has put together an impressive collection of drum machines over the years, and now he's selling the whole thing for charity. On October 11th, nearly 200 vintage drum machines will go up for sale on Moby's Reverb store, including a pair of Wurlitzer Side Man standing drum machines from the 1950s, two incredibly rare Chamberlin Rhythmates and a Roland TR-909, which Moby says is one of the hardest for him to get rid of.

This isn't the first time Moby's done something like this. In April, he sold more than 100 synths and other studio gear for charity, and he followed that up with his entire record collection in June.

Moby says he has always been obsessed with drum machines, and his collection includes both analog and early digital models, of which he's loved each and every one. The proceeds of each sale will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.