Microsoft adds dictation to Office web apps to help with dyslexia

It'll be available in Word and OneNote in the near future.

Microsoft has made voice dictation available for desktop Office users for months. Now, though, it's making the feature available to web users in the name of aiding those with dyslexia. The browser versions of both Word and OneNote will enable dictation sometime in the "coming weeks" so that dyslexic students can write more effectively than they would by typing. This should also help for dysgraphia (a condition that makes it difficult to write coherently) and people with mobility issues, Microsoft added.

Dictation should spread to Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint sometime in 2019.

More accessibility improvements are coming in the near future. Microsoft is bringing Immersive Reader to its Flipgrid social education communities, and upgrading the tool with both real-time translation as well as support for reading math problems. The feature is now available in Office Lens on Android, too. You'll have to wait until later in the fall to use the translation features, but the other additions are rolling out this week.