Google introduces Gmail integrations for Dropbox, Box and more

These are aimed at enterprise G Suite users.

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Today, Google announced new Gmail integrations for G Suite, which is its enterprise offering for business. Now G Suite users will be able to perform actions for popular apps directly from Gmail.

A handy Dropbox integration really enhanced the personal Gmail experience; now it's arrived for G Suite users. The add-on allows users to send Dropbox links and download files to Dropbox directly from the Gmail screen. The Box add-on also makes working with attachments easier; you can send files directly using your Box account.

When Gmail detects a Jira or BitBucket link in your email, the Atlassian Cloud Add-On will allow you to perform various tasks directly from Gmail. And finally, if you're an Egnyte user, you can take advantage of the add-on to save attachments to Egnyte and link files and folders without leaving Gmail's window.

More and more business are using Google's enterprise platform for their employees. Integrating features from popular third-party apps is only going to make it a more attractive alternative to the other choices out there.

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