Motorola and iFixit sell official DIY phone repair kits

You'll get everything you need to fix your device properly.

Many tech companies frown on unofficial repairs, but not Motorola -- in the right circumstances, it'll encourage you to fix devices yourself. The Lenovo brand has become the first major phone maker to provide parts to iFixit, which now sells official Motorola repair kits. If you need to replace your Moto Z Play's cracked screen or install a fresh battery in your Droid Turbo 2, you'll have all the parts and tools you need to do it at home.

The kits vary in cost depending on the phone and the nature of the repair, starting at $35 for a Moto X battery and scaling up to $200 for screen replacements on the Droid Turbo 2 and Moto Z Force.

You'll likely want to send your device in to Motorola if it's still under warranty, and it's notable that the kits don't currently cover the latest Moto-badged phones. This does suggest a path companies can take in light of right to repair bills, however. Rather than insist on officially approved repair shops (or leaving people to fend for themselves) regardless of the warranty period, companies could supply parts to those willing to fix a device on their own terms once they're no longer guaranteed free support.