Mozilla test will offer Firefox users ProtonVPN subscriptions

It will cost $10 per month.

Mozilla is rolling out an experimental feature for Firefox that's not quite like its other ones -- you'll have to pay to be able to use. The organization has teamed up with ProtonVPN to test a subscription-based virtual private network for $10 a month. Starting on October 24th, a small number of people in the US using the latest version of Firefox will see the offer pop up. It'll ask if you're interested in hearing more before it takes you to the page where you can sign up for the service, which is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.


According to Mozilla, this is part of its efforts to explore additional sources of revenue that still align with its values. It evaluated a long list of VPN providers before deciding on ProtonVPN, which was created by the makers of secure email service provider ProtonMail. In addition, the company is based in Switzerland, which, as Mozilla explains, "does not log any data about your usage of their service." On its website, ProtonVPN has several paid tiers you can choose from, but it only offers the $10-per-month option within Firefox. In case you'd like to try it out on your own first, the VPN provider also has a free tier you can use with one device.