SoundCloud users can now share song links to Instagram Stories

The link will take you back to the SoundCloud app to hear the track.

SoundCloud users will no longer have to settle for screenshots when they want to share music on Instagram, as the company announced today that tracks can now be shared to Instagram Stories directly from the SoundCloud app. Instagram announced at F8 that it would start letting users post to their Stories from third-party apps, including Spotify and GoPro, and SoundCloud has now jumped on board. However, it should be noted that sharing from SoundCloud only adds a sticker to your Story, and to hear the track, viewers will have to tap the "Play on SoundCloud" link and listen to the tune in the SoundCloud app. The feature doesn't add a soundtrack to your Story.

To add SoundCloud links to your Instagram Story, find a track you want to share in the SoundCloud app. Tap the share icon and then either "Share to Instagram Stories" or the Instagram icon -- what's available will depend on your phone -- and that will add the sticker to an Instagram Story post. You can move the sticker around wherever you'd like, then just add the post to your Story.

The feature is rolling out today on both iOS and Android.