Walabot wall sensor calls for help if you fall down

You don't need a wearable to have some peace of mind.

Many people injure themselves from falls in the home, but most people unsurprisingly don't want to wear a watch, pendant or another device just to get help in case there's an injury. You might not have to make that sacrifice in the future. Vayyar Imaging has launched Walabot Home, a wall-mountable gadget that uses low-power radio waves to detect falls without the hassle of a wearable. You just have to place it in a location where you think you might fall, such as the bathroom -- if there's a tumble, it can call an emergency contact all on its own.

The absence of a camera helps with privacy, as you might guess, but it also enables the sensor to work at all times of the day and through thin obstacles like shower curtains and steam. A button on the front lets you call an emergency contact whether or not there' s a fall.

The Walabot Home is available now for $249, and that might be the only real hurdle to adopting it. While that price isn't extreme by itself, complete around-the-house coverage could be expensive. Otherwise, you'll have to guess where you'd be most likely to slip and hope that you don't fall anywhere else.