Fox News will debut its subscription service on November 27th

It will be priced at $6 per month.

Earlier this year, Fox revealed that it had plans to launch a paid streaming service for fans of its conservative news channel. Fox Nation will launch on Tuesday, November 27th, and will cost $6 per month. For those interest in paying yearly, it will be priced at $65 per year.

However, this is just the basic pricing plan. According to Deadline, the service will offer "founding member" tiers that range from $60 to $1,200 and include collectible merchandise. It's clearly aimed at "superfans" of the news network and will feature Fox News's biggest stars. If you'd like the a closer look at what Fox Nation will offer, Fox News will air a one-hour special called Fox Nation First Look this Sunday.

Though it's priced relatively low, it's unclear how this streaming service will perform. The network's main demographic isn't cord-cutting millennials who have embraced streaming, so it will remain to be seen whether the generally older viewers of Fox News embrace the standalone streaming service.