Apple will add Radeon Pro Vega graphics option to MacBook Pro

The faster GPU will be available in November.

The new MacBook Air wasn't the only laptop upgrade at Apple's Brooklyn, New York, event. The company has announced that it's giving 15-inch MacBook Pro buyers new graphics options for Radeon Pro Vega graphics in late November -- you won't have to settle for the older Radeon Pro 500 series GPUs available at launch. Apple hasn't discussed pricing, but there are Radeon Pro Vega 16 and 20 models that promise up to 60 percent faster graphics. If you thrive on pro 3D rendering or GPU-heavy video editing, this might be just what you were looking for.

The update also adds some consistency to Apple's pro lineup. While iMac Pro owners have had Radeon Pro Vega hardware from the start, MacBook Pro owners have had to make do with GPUs that lacked some of the same computing features as well as performance. You aren't going to mistake your laptop for an iMac Pro, since desktop GPUs usually outperform mobile ones by a wide margin. You won't have to make a difficult choice between GPU features and portability, however. Moreover, people who need both an iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro can switch systems knowing that the same graphical features should be available on both computers.

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