This app gives your pets the iPhone XR portrait treatment

A third-party app called Halide allows you to use portrait mode even on nonhuman subjects.

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Mariella Moon
October 30th, 2018
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While the iPhone XR can take some fantastic photos, it has a pretty disappointing limitation: You can't take advantage of Apple's portrait mode to take high-resolution and detailed portraits unless the subject is a person. Third-party camera app Halide recently announced that it's working on a solution to the issue, and now it's out as part of its latest software upgrade. Halide version 1.11 brings Apple's Portrait Effects to anything, so you can take some detailed photos (with the mode's characteristic blurry background) of your pets and various objects.

To shoot doggos and objects in portrait mode, simply tap on Depth within the app. That will create "depth maps" for the photos you take, which Halide will then run through its custom blur to get a bokeh, making the image look like it was taken by the more expensive iPhone XS. Halide admits that the app might still produce shots of a lower quality than what dual-camera iPhones can produce. But if you want to take some nice portrait-style photos of anything that isn't human with an XR, the app sounds like it's worth a try.

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