Netflix is now available on Sky Q boxes

All your favorite entertainment in one place.

Sky customers can now watch Netflix via their Sky Q set-top boxes. The streaming service is built directly into Sky's TV guide and is accessible from the on demand tab. If you're an existing Netflix user, you can just link your account to your Sky service -- if you're not, Sky has another option for you if you're thinking about getting into the likes of Stranger Things, The Crown, Better Call Saul or documentaries about dogs.

Sky's new "Ultimate On Demand" package is priced at £10 per month and gives you access to Netflix and Sky Box Sets. As Netflix is usually £7.99 per month and Sky Box Sets £5 a month, this represents a modest but worthwhile saving. If you want Netflix in 4K though, you'll have to sign up to the premium service, Sky Q Experience, which starts at £32 per month.