'Pokémon Go' starts tracking steps using HealthKit and Google Fit

The Adventure Sync feature unlocks rewards even if the app isn't open.

Pokémon Go players can finally unlock rewards without keeping the app open or using the game's Plus tracking dongle. The Adventure Sync option ties into Google Fit or Apple Health tracking to dole out bonuses based on all the movement players do throughout the day. That should mean earning more Buddy Candy and hatching Eggs, all without even opening the app. Players will still get a push notification for rewards, which should also help Niantic keep more casual fans engaged.

A support page for the game explains how to make sure your account is linked, as the feature started rolling out today, arriving first for players at higher levels. Currently, anyone level 35 and above should be good to go, and once the rollout is complete it will be available for all players once they're past level 5 in the game.