New 'FIFA Mobile' season brings revamped visuals and team chemistry

You can play in live multiplayer matches, too.

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Jon Fingas
November 8, 2018 4:41 AM

FIFA Mobile has usually played second fiddle to its 'full-size' counterparts. That gap just closed a bit, however. EA has updated FIFA Mobile on Android and iOS for the new season, and it includes some much-needed improvements. There's a full gameplay engine revamp that promises more fluid animation as well as smarter, more realistic AI. You can also expect more authentic-looking star players (like Neymar above) and reworked menus. And yes, there are some significant gameplay changes.

You now have real-time Head to Head multiplayer, for instance, although you may square off against an AI early on to improve your skills. Offline, there's a new Team Chemistry system that boosts your starting lineup when you include players from the same real-world team, league or country. Pick a few players from Paris Saint-Germain and they may play more effectively than if you simply cherry-picked famous names from around the world.

Just make sure you have a reasonably powerful device. The base game doesn't ask for much (2012-era hardware can work), but the Head to Head mode typically demands a phone or tablet that would have been flagship-level in 2014 or later. Certain older or lower-end Snapdragon-based devices are right out, EA said. You should be alright if you're using a reasonably quick and modern phone, but you might otherwise have to settle for playing against AI opponents.

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