Tidal's music library is now available on Samsung smartwatches

Play some Beyoncé jams while you're at the gym.

You now have another major choice for workout music on Samsung wristwear. Tidal has launched an app for Samsung's fitness trackers and smartwatches, ranging from the Gear Fit 2 to the shiny new Galaxy Watch. You can search for tunes and podcasts (including with your voice) and access playlists. And yes, you have access to offline music -- you can blast a Beyoncé album at the gym while leaving your phone in your locker.

You'll want a Premium subscription to use Tidal on Samsung's watches. Thankfully, there's an incentive to try it out. People who sign up for Tidal Premium on the device itself will get a three-month trial. If you're not inclined to use Spotify but want to see whether or not you'd like music on your wrist, it probably won't hurt to check this out.