Google may add public comments for searches

The feature might be limited to live sports at first.

Google+ is shutting down in the wake of a data privacy flaw, but that doesn't mean Google is now uninterested in social features. The 9to5Google crew has discovered what appears to be in-testing support for comments on search results. The feature would be limited to live sports matches (at least at first), but it would separate feedback from both pro commentators and viewers and would include filters to highlight the top comments. And yes, there would be moderation to cut down on spam and other abuse.

We've asked Google if it can say more about its potential plans. There's no certainty this will arrive soon, if at all. With that in mind, the allure is clear for Google. Comments on specific events could keep people engaged on Google well after they've run a search, rather than just the few moments it takes to check scores or visit another website. That, in turn, could help with advertising, sports deals and other aspects of Google's bottom line.