'Civilization VI' expansion 'Gathering Storm' launches February 14th

Changing climates, power and a world congress are some of the additions.

Civilization VI is a strategy game with some legs, and we don't just mean its ever-expanding platform support. Firaxis and 2K have revealed that the title's second expansion, Gathering Storm, will reach Windows gamers on February 14th, 2019. Mac and Linux users should get it soon afterward. It's not just adding the usual round of cultures, technologies and units (although there are more of those), either. Rather, Firaxis is changing how the world itself works.

As the name implies, you'll have to worry about the environment, whether it's hurricanes, floods or volcanoes. You'll have to think about climate change and the natural risks associated with choosing a settling place. This even extends to power supply. Your late-stage buildings will initially have to run on fossil fuels, but you'll want to move quickly to renewable energy to avoid doing lasting damage to the environment. When you want to make your own changes, you can take on engineering upgrades like canals and railroads.

Other additions? There's now a world congress where you'll have a UN-style say, the ability to earn favors through alliances and even chances to declare resolutions. New Black Death- and WWI-based scenarios have you coping with life-and-death moments in history. The expansion also upgrades the Espionage system as well as Culture and Science Victories. All told, there's a lot that could prevent Civ VI from going stale.