Roland's latest iOS app syncs music with video clips

Beat Sync Maker can make you look like a dance music star.

If you're a dance music fan, you know that the videos of DJ gigs are sometimes as important as the performances themselves. They capture the electricity of the set and might just convince you to attend the next show. But how is an up-and-coming DJ supposed to stand out? Roland might help. It's launching a Beat Sync Maker app for iOS that links scene changes and visual effects to the beat. You don't need a computer-based editor and the expertise that goes with it -- you just need to have a feel for the timing and effect intensity you're looking for. You can also introduce another video from your camera roll if one isn't enough.

The core app is free, but you'll be limited to creating 30-second clips (enough for Instagram, at least) unless you either make an in-app purchase or connect it to Roland's Go:Mixer or Go:Mixer Pro apps. It also won't satisfy you if you're looking for live performance tools like Algoriddim's Djay Pro or Vjay. Think of it this way, though: if you're an aspiring DJ, this could help you spend less time selling your beats and more time perfecting them.