Brian Eno's music creation app is coming to Android, 10 years late

Bloom: 10 Worlds is also a major expansion of what you saw on the iPhone.

If you remember the early days of Apple's App Store, you might remember Bloom, Brian Eno's "generative music" app. It showed the potential of the smartphone as an artistic tool at a time when mobile apps were still novelties. Well, it's coming back with a vengeance on its tenth anniversary... and it's not just for iOS users this time. Eno and Peter Chilvers are releasing Bloom: 10 Worlds, a "significant" expansion and refinement that will be available for Android in addition to the iPad and iPhone. The core formula, where you touch the screen to introduce new sounds and influence the visuals, remains intact -- there's just a lot more to do.

The first 'world' you experience will be familiar if you've used the original Bloom. However, the remainder all introduce new rules, sounds and visuals. It's like an album versus a single, according to the creators. You can also expect a "simplified" interface versus the original.

Eno and Chilvers haven't nailed down the iOS release date, but note that the Android version will be available December 7th. You'll want to act quickly if you like the idea, whichever platform you choose. Bloom: 10 Worlds will cost $5 (£5) if you either pre-order the app or buy it on the release weekend, but it'll climb to $8 (£8) if you wait. That's not trivial for an app you might not use forever, but it could be justifiable if you're an Eno fan, an art enthusiast or just interested in some mobile app nostalgia.