'Firewatch' comes to Nintendo Switch on December 17th

Explore the virtual wilderness wherever you go.

After a months-long wait, Firewatch is just about ready for the Nintendo Switch. Campo Santo has announced that its outdoor adventure (and journey of self-discovery) will reach the hybrid console on December 17th through the Nintendo eShop in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Japan. It's the same game as you'll find on other consoles (with a "few tiny things" thrown in, the studio said), but that does mean you'll get post-launch additions like free roaming. There's no mention of pricing, but hey -- now's your chance to go on a virtual hike when you're outdoors in real life.

It's not clear what took so long, although Valve's acquisition of Campo Santo could easily have played a role. The creators have been moving from San Francisco to Bellevue, Washington as part of the transition, and that wasn't about to help their development schedules. Whatever happened, it's here -- you can see what the fuss is about if you missed the game or just didn't want to play until a Switch version was available.