Firewatch's free-roam mode wants you to take a hike on PC, PS4

The game has also been updated to take advantage of the PS4 Pro's higher power.

Sometimes the best therapy for whatever you're going through is taking a walk in the woods and reconnecting with nature. With temperatures starting to drop and urban living, though, that might not be the easiest thing for everyone to do. A pair of free updates to this year's indie darling Firewatch, might offer a virtual respite from current events, however. The game's free-roam mode is available now for players on PlayStation 4 and Steam. it made its way to the Xbox One prior to today. Before you can start hiking what develop Campo Santo describes as "miles of trails" and experiencing a dynamic 24-hour day-and-night cycle, though, you'll have to finish the story mode first. Just a heads up.

More than that, the game has also been patched with the higher-powered PS4 Pro in mind. If you're playing on a 1080p TV with the Pro, you'll see "enhanced detail distance," smoother loads and better looking shadows. For those with a 4K TV, the game world will resolve at 2560x1440p (WQHD) and the user interface will display at 3840x2160 (4KUHD). Happy hiking, everyone.