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'Firewatch' is the latest indie game headed to Nintendo Switch

Developer Campo Santo says it's coming "soon!"

The folks at Campo Santo are bringing Firewatch to the Nintendo Switch. The developers have been busy stripping the game "down to the studs" to improve performance. Specifically, optimizing load times for textures and geometry. "We know what a good Switch game feels like, and want to make sure Firewatch feels like that too," Campo Santo writes. What's more, those updates will eventually make their way to the Mac, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

"We're lucky to be able to keep investing in and supporting a single-player game that came out over two years ago, and we're more proud of Firewatch than most things we've made in life," the blog reads. "We want it to be found and enjoyed by as many people as possible." There isn't a firm release date, but Campo Santo promises that the portable version will be out "soon!" Meaning, not long from now you'll be able to take a walk in the (virtual) woods when you're out in the real woods. How's that for meta?