Pixel 3 update addresses multitasking woes

Google phone owners should have fewer memory management problems.

Google's initial Pixel 3 software had multiple rough spots, but one of the most common complaints has centered on memory management -- users have seen their phones close apps when doing something as simple as taking a picture. That might be less of a problem going forward. The company has detailed an imminent December update that promises "improved memory performance in certain circumstances" on all Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 variants, not to mention faster camera capture.There's no guarantee this will solve every complaint (the Pixel 3 does have just 4GB of RAM, after all), but it should help.

You'll also find several other larger fixes, including improved Android Auto support and performance, better Pixel Stand notifications and voice control, smarter always-on display activation and upgraded recognition of USB-C audio accessories.

The update is labeled 2018-12-05, so you can likely expect it on or after December 5th. Will it make you forget early Pixel teething troubles? Probably not, but it's going to be a must-have update if quirks like this are souring your experience.