The best gifts for PC gamers

Everything from mice to keyboards to VR rigs. And, you know, games.

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For many, PCs are the ultimate way to play games, so we've got plenty of picks to help your loved ones get started or improve their setups in our holiday gift guide. If they're starting from scratch, they'll need a gaming machine. Gigabyte's Aero 15X is our choice, a lightweight laptop that packs a punch with its impressive specs. If your giftee is interested in streaming their gameplay (or at least using a good microphone to let their teammates hear them well), the Yeti Nano from Blue is a great all-rounder, while Elgato's Stream Deck Mini is a solid option for giving broadcasters more control over their streams.

Our picks also include important accessories such as headphones and headsets, VR rigs, controllers, mice, mechanical keyboards and, of course, some games. Meanwhile, the Fortnite fans in your life will definitely appreciate some V-Bucks, which they can use to buy in-game cosmetic items such as outfits and emotes.

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